Friday, September 05, 2014

Quick Note...

So as I sit here taking a quick break from packing gear for the first wedding I am photographing this fall. I can't help but think how the past year has been insane! I realize I keep reflecting on coming back to school to get my masters, but beyond that I got married and have completely jumped into a lot of different types of work that I never saw myself doing. 

I spent the majority of the past summer working in the McDougall archive printing a show about Missouri Mules and shooting/editing a video about the photographer who photographed that project. The amount of photo editing I have done in the past year of other peoples work while I was Assistant Director of Photography at the Missourian really amazed me. Editing through all that work has really made me see my own photography differently. I always heard that, but felt it might be a bit cliche, I was wrong... very wrong. 

As I mentioned I shot some video this past summer and am now shooting even more of that. It feels good to work out my visual chops in another medium. Ill be posting some of that soon when I get some of that edited.

Ok back to packing gear... 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Relaxing in Xela

After falling asleep at 8 last night, Lindsey and I got up and went to Democracia market, wandering around the stalls. It feels great to be back in a place where so many good memories were created. Making new ones with Lindsey this time around. Let's see what kinds of trouble we can get into...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

In the Bag...

Friday morning my wife and I are heading to Guatemala for a week. Since I am not going there for work, I decided to shed some gear and only take what is pictured.

- Bag Paladin Mission Go Bag (Honestly one of the best bags Ive owned)
- Canon G12
- Olympus XA rangefinder.
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 5
- iPad (for email and editing)
- Card reader for iPad
- Charging cables
- 6 rolls of film (400 Neopan BW)
- Impact Mini Slave
- Flash light
- head lamp
- Chargers and Cables

And whenever I travel, I make sure I have my journal and a notebook.

This trip is a kind of short honeymoon, so my main concern is just having fun. I plan on spending my mornings wandering the markets and streets in Xela. This gear set up has treated me well for street photography in the past and is just so much lighter than my D4 rig. Ill be posting from the road so look out for some photos.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Has the storm passed or is it still coming?

I was talking to my Dad yesterday and he asked how it felt to make it through this past year. I honestly couldn't tell him. Not only was it my first year in grad school, but Lindsey and I got married in March. While married life has been great, its also still kind of on hold, since we live in two different towns. That has been the hardest part of all this. The school work has been time consuming but nothing that I couldn't handle. 

I wish I had, had more time to shoot this past year. I think most of that is my fault for not making more time for it. Trying to balance writing papers and shooting can be difficult. This next year should be different. I am leaving my position at the Missourian to become one of two Missouri Photo Workshop Fellows. I am also going to be shooting more video and some how I got myself signed up for a Rural Sociology Course. I'm pretty excited about all of it, but I want to temper that excitement with the reality of paying bills and picking up some work on the side. Along with school ending for they year, I've really started to dig into my masters project research which has already turned up some interesting problems. Those problems are helping me center in on a story so they are very good problems.

Finally since Lindz and I did get married we have planned a little mini honeymoon, in a few weeks we will be heading to Guatemala for a week. We are both looking forward to that trip, I am excited to show her around the place I loved and called home. We are having trouble deciding what to go see and do while we are there, so I think we might just wing it. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Painting with Light...

Last assignment before finals... Light Painting, my group of three had fun with this one, going off the concept of household accidents which are a serious problem every year. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

PhotoVoice: Last Class

For our last class, we worked with the students on captions for the four photos that were picked to go in the gallery show. Working on captions was a big challenge. Some of the students were very poetic with the captioning, while others were very literal. We ended up working an hour later than normal. The students seemed to love the challenge of thinking outside the box of "this is a picture of."

I should note that before we all sat down to caption, the PhotoVoice class of 2014 spoke with the CMCA board, giving a very brief intro about PhotoVoice. The students were great, speaking with board members with confidence about their work and what they did during class.

At this point in the program, it is up to Staci and I to edit the photos and get them ready for the gallery. The students have been great and I can not wait to see the reaction we get from them when they see their photos up on a wall for the first time. 

Two of the students I was helping had the sudden realization that their photos were going to be seen by a lot of people and had ear to ear grins on their faces as they wrote down captions. It was a great night! As I get this edits done in the next few days, I need to make sure and get the word out about the gallery show on May 15th at PSGallery downtown.