Thursday, April 24, 2014

Project K Interview

Project_K_Interview from Josh Bachman on Vimeo.

A brief Interview with Kenton about his interest in photography.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Photo by Sami

This week will be our last full class and it is mainly going to be about editing and writing captions. The captions for the photos are not going to be the typical journalist captions that I am used to. Many of them read like artist statements. Declaring a very strong point of view on a certain subject. They have not been completely ironed out as of last class. 

 Photo by William

We are working on getting more out of a few of the students who need a little challenging or pushing in their thought processes. One student's current captions were very general and myself and Sarah both felt this student could use a push to see what else they are thinking when they are looking back on their work from the past six weeks.

For the editing processes, I selected five images I thought were the students strongest, then we open that up to them and allow them to choose their favorites. Most of what I picked was not what they picked. 

What I loved was the conversation about why they liked one image over another. Most of the comments are about their personal connection to the photo, something we try to dismiss in journalism. It was a refreshing to look at work and be able to see photographers really express themselves.

Photo by Hallie

I hope this Thursday is just as mind blowing.

Oh and if you are wondering why some of the images have time stamps on them... those students thought it was cool to have that on their photos.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Multiple Flash Assignment

Shelby Tucker, 14  skates across the ice at the Washington Park Ice Arena Tuesday morning in Jefferson City. Tucker spent two hours practicing and talking with two other skaters that were also at the skating rink Tuesday Morning.

The light setup, I set one light and monoblock in the ice hockey bench as my Key light and an SB900 across from me to act as a backlight/fill.

Sunday, April 13, 2014



We shot a few more portraits this last week. We had some great discussions about what makes up community when we looked at this week's work. Much of the work was centered on the students' families, but along with that, a few frames of college buildings were shown with the idea of a growing community of students. Another photo featuring the Providence Inn brought about the discussion of the news of a teen found dead there and how a building like that could represent a bad part of the community or a place that could pull a community apart. It was a very insightful way of thinking of the community assignment. 


This next week, we are going to start some of the editing process. Pulling the kids' best photos out and start looking at how they want to lay them out in the gallery. The class seems really excited to start doing the edit. 

Along with that, we have started talking about captions for their photos asking them to go home and think about the assignments in terms of the written word as well as considering them photographically. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Portraits...


 This last week due to bad weather we only had four students show up. We had some time at the end of class to start taking portraits for the exhibit. The class assignment we discussed was relationships and one of the more enlightening photos was a self portrait by Hallie who discussed having a good relationship with yourself. She talked about letting yourself off the hook and how being good to yourself allows you to be good to others.

This next weeks assignment is community. I am pretty excited to see what the students come back with this Thursday and hopefully more of the class shows up so we can make more portraits.




Audio Research

Surfing the internet looking for audio slideshows we enjoyed. I'm posting two, both are very well done.


Mental Health Stories

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Color Correction Assignment

Elva Guerrero prepares a batch of biscocho cookies for the Bachman wedding Wednesday March 26, 2014 in her home in El Paso Tx. The cookies are a traditional cookie for celebrations in Mexican culture, they are eaten at weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras and other holidays.

In camera color correction... I really do not know how photographers pulled this off with so much precision before digital cameras.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What I am learning from my students...

This passed weeks PhotoVoice class was great! We got the upload issues from previous weeks taken care of and were able to see everyones images and spend some time talking about them. The project for last week was "life long learning." 

Each student took a very different approach to the subject, Zane (pictured above) shot a series still lifes that made a really nice essay, giving us a glimpse into what he felt would make it possible to have life long learning. (As we edit those in class, I will post the series).

After we talked for a bit, we started our photo scavenger hunt. Which was a lot of fun. We stayed with in the area of our building. The students hunted for photos finding some great shots. 20 minutes after we had started I had one student run over to me and tell me his card was full, once that little hiccup was solved he kept shooting. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity for the class to ask me any photography questions in real time and we could problem solve things out. I am happy to report back it was exactly that. 

Next weeks assignment is "Relationships." We discussed in class the types of relationships and how they can be varied and different. Sometimes I find myself explaining to much (or at least thats how it feels) then I step back and remember they are smart kids and always come back with photos and explanations to why they took a type of photo that blows me away.