Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Softer the ball the faster the pitch...

This past weekend was pretty busy, I was all over the place. Friday which yes isn't really the weekend , but no matter I was shooting a story at the local boys and girls club. The club is in danger of closing down because of funding problems.(left) Alyssia Smith hangs out at the boys and girls club of Las Cruces Friday afternoon.

Saturday I shot sports all day, started out with tennis and equestrian moved to softball and baseball. At the equestrian event I had some problems with my gear and missed a shot. This rider took a bad dive off her horse. The horse just didn't want to make his 2nd to last jump. (below) The Aggie softball team raises their hands in the Pistol Pete hand signal to celebrate a good inning .

Sunday I headed for a bike show which was fun. Bikers always make me laugh, most of them are pretty friendly people. After that I headed to the office for production night. So all and all I had a good weekend, a very busy weekend but pretty cool. (below) As the bike show opens its doors Sunday a Gregory Segura checks out this 97 Heritage Softail Harley Davidson.

This week will hopefully be pretty busy, if now Ill just have to self assign stuff and go make some photos. I have been toying with the idea of getting my two other photographers here at the round up and shooting a project for the website, since we have the space to make some pretty nice multimedia photo essay type stuff. Ok well I'm off to shoot some baseball, should be a good game it's our Universities rival match NMSU Vs. UNM.

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