Monday, April 30, 2007

Music soothes the savage beast...namely me.

I am not sure if other Universities have procrastination days or weeks, but NMSU does. It's a time when you are supposed to blow off finals/term papers and just relax. I never seem to really enjoy this excuse to blow off school. This year being my last year in college and being giving an assignment to shoot it, I took the time to sit back and listen to the band that our Student Union's program council invited to play.Their name is PBM or Poor Boy Music, they had this ska type feel to them. They are a pretty good band and listening to them for about an hour really did help my stress level,anyway this is Tom Torrento he is the trumpeter and back up vocals for the band.
After shooting this assignment I drove back to El Paso, Tx which is my new base of operations for the next few months. I moved out of my apartment in Las Cruces this past weekend, I am pretty excited about this little move if all goes right it will lead to some good shooting gigs. Then in August with what money I have I make a big move to Seattle to regain something that has been missing for about a year.


PBM said...

Thanks for the pic and the kind review. We posted this on our site. We had a blast!!!

celia said...

i love this picture! I hope you're well!