Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Protests and Flash work...

Friday was a busy day. Not only was I sent out to Edmonds Woodway High School to cover an assignment, but Students from over 30 high schools and 10 universities walked out of classes in protest of the Iraq war and the practice of having military recruiters at high schools. They gathered at West lake Center and proceeded to march through the streets of Seattle.

After I shot the protest I headed out to Edmonds for the Enterprise. They had me there to cover H.A.V.E or Hunger Awareness Vigil Experience. The "dinner" consisted of splitting the group of students and residents of Edmonds that attended into three sections, High-income, Middle-income and Low-income. High-income dinner guests had a dinner with included three courses served by a waitstaff. Middle-income dinner guests sat at long tables and ate buffet style.
Low-income guests sat around blankets and only ate rice.

Here is the flash work mentioned in the title.

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