Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Showing off...

As I was driving through Rio Hondo on my way back to the Star I saw a man riding a horse along Sam Houston Blvd toward San Benito. Now this is pretty common down here, but I figured I would stop, talk to him and shoot some photos since I was looking to get some wild art.

Turns out the rider Rudy Ortega and his horse Clown were headed to the Wal Mart in San Benito where Ortega works as a cart pusher. His friends at work had been wanting to see his horse so he decided to leave his home in Rio Hondo and ride into San Benito to show Clown off. Driving this road every other day makes one forget that nine miles is a short distance in a vehicle but on horseback it could take a more than the 15 minutes by car.

Makes you think at one time a trip to another town was an all day deal not a short hop.

Ortega also told me about his family ranch and his roping team. I gave him my contact info, maybe this could lead to a cool photo essay or something. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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