Saturday, April 23, 2011

Procession Break...

Got up and headed to Almolonga this morning for what I heard was going to be a very different kind of procession than what I had been shooting this past week here in Xela. Well turns out I was mislead and the processions in this small farming town were on Thursday and Friday. Since I was out there I wandered around the town which here in Guate is know as the "Garden of the Americas." Much of the produce grown here is on small family plots with vegetables growing year around, which is sold and eaten all over Central America.

As I was wandering to the outer edges of Almolonga I ended up on a small dirt path between farm plots. Walking along this path I heard someone behind me calling to me. I turned around and found a farmer asking me to take his photo, after a few minutes of awkwardly navigating the field he was working in I introduced myself to Bartholmu or as he said "Bartholmu de Almolonga." We chat for bit, I snapped a few portraits after which he continued to tend his crop.

One one hand I missed some cool and different processions, but on the other I was able to explore this interesting town for the morning. All in all I think todays little misadventure was a good one. And hey not only did I meet a few very cool people but I found out how much it would have cost to use the baƱo's at the market, something thats always good to know.

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