Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sin La Cara Mas Ambiente...

Wednesday afternoon, I spent some time snapping frames around the Nuevos Horizontes Women's Shelter. I've pull away from just shooting portraits and started shooting environmental shots of some of the bedrooms and common areas. Shooting in the shelter is much different from my last project at the hospital in San Lucas. Both situations had privacy issues, but shooting at the shelter has a security element involved adding to the challenge of shooting.

Thursday afternoon the teenagers and women of the shelter had a chance to get some pampering, getting their nails painted, having avocado facial masks and dancing in the lunchroom. Activities like these bring a sense of normality to the lives of the teenagers and women in the shelter.

The coordinators at Nuevos Horizontes and I have been talking about putting together a gallery show sometime later this year. Which I'm pretty excited about. I won't be here to see it go up, but my hope is that it helps the shelter raise some more money or at least attract more volunteers.

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Elettra said...

We hope that the exhibition will be a success !!!!!