Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January so far...

As a new year begins, Temple Parks and Leisure Services employee John Young hands wreaths down to Marcus Wagner from the top of one of the light poles in the Municipal Building parking lot.

Several firefighting units were called in to battle a travel trailer fire Thursday morning on Fort Road near Stillhouse Hollow lake.

Felix C. Martinez watches as the travel trailer he and Elizabeth Mysinger shared burned to the ground, Thursday near Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The fire was started when Martinez was burning trash in a short burn barrel while cleaning the yard outside the trailer. Thinking the fire had subsided he went inside, but when he returned to the yard the trash can next to the barrel had caught fire from the ashes drifting into it. Martinez then rushed back into the trailer to get Mysinger out, both received treatment for smoke inhalation.
Sri Sreeram Hariharan prays outside the Hindu Temple of Central Texas. Hariharan is the chief priest of the only Hindu temple between Dallas and Austin, which has a membership of about 1,000 people.

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Alicia said...

Nice fire shot. I really like the last one too. Did the guy mind you taking photos? It seems like a very intimate moment. Very nice.