Sunday, April 13, 2014



We shot a few more portraits this last week. We had some great discussions about what makes up community when we looked at this week's work. Much of the work was centered on the students' families, but along with that, a few frames of college buildings were shown with the idea of a growing community of students. Another photo featuring the Providence Inn brought about the discussion of the news of a teen found dead there and how a building like that could represent a bad part of the community or a place that could pull a community apart. It was a very insightful way of thinking of the community assignment. 


This next week, we are going to start some of the editing process. Pulling the kids' best photos out and start looking at how they want to lay them out in the gallery. The class seems really excited to start doing the edit. 

Along with that, we have started talking about captions for their photos asking them to go home and think about the assignments in terms of the written word as well as considering them photographically. 

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