Thursday, May 22, 2014

In the Bag...

Friday morning my wife and I are heading to Guatemala for a week. Since I am not going there for work, I decided to shed some gear and only take what is pictured.

- Bag Paladin Mission Go Bag (Honestly one of the best bags Ive owned)
- Canon G12
- Olympus XA rangefinder.
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 5
- iPad (for email and editing)
- Card reader for iPad
- Charging cables
- 6 rolls of film (400 Neopan BW)
- Impact Mini Slave
- Flash light
- head lamp
- Chargers and Cables

And whenever I travel, I make sure I have my journal and a notebook.

This trip is a kind of short honeymoon, so my main concern is just having fun. I plan on spending my mornings wandering the markets and streets in Xela. This gear set up has treated me well for street photography in the past and is just so much lighter than my D4 rig. Ill be posting from the road so look out for some photos.

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