Friday, September 05, 2014

Quick Note...

So as I sit here taking a quick break from packing gear for the first wedding I am photographing this fall. I can't help but think how the past year has been insane! I realize I keep reflecting on coming back to school to get my masters, but beyond that I got married and have completely jumped into a lot of different types of work that I never saw myself doing. 

I spent the majority of the past summer working in the McDougall archive printing a show about Missouri Mules and shooting/editing a video about the photographer who photographed that project. The amount of photo editing I have done in the past year of other peoples work while I was Assistant Director of Photography at the Missourian really amazed me. Editing through all that work has really made me see my own photography differently. I always heard that, but felt it might be a bit cliche, I was wrong... very wrong. 

As I mentioned I shot some video this past summer and am now shooting even more of that. It feels good to work out my visual chops in another medium. Ill be posting some of that soon when I get some of that edited.

Ok back to packing gear... 

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