Friday, August 12, 2016

Wandering through the green, getting lost in light.

The feeling of going and moving, working all the time, shooting for newspapers and other clients, trying to make time for my own work - all of it is hard. The past few weeks have been non-stop, along with work, I ran into some car situations that drained my bank account and just put me in a shitty mood. 

I needed to mentally slow down, maybe reading a book for a few hours or watching a really good movie (anything by Terrance Malik). I needed to grab my Fuji 6 x 9 and a few rolls of 120mm and go make pictures. 

Normally I tuck the camera, film and some water, maybe a snack and head off to hike. I wrote after just getting back from wandering around Mary Moore Searight Greenbelt trail in South Austin. Now, I don’t know if I would say I was "hiking," the trails are gravel and at some points paved, but I did wander and make pictures.

I like to take my time shooting film, savoring it like a good beer or wine or taco. When I post this I probably haven’t even had the film processed it yet, ha, so the photos on here are all stuff I shot on my phone. (I have so much film to process, I should really dust off my tanks and process myself.)

It's a beautiful thing to walk into a grouping of trees and wait for the clouds to shift and let the light drip down the leaves on to the bark, creating just the right conditions for a photo you hope looks as good later as it did when you found it. It rarely does ha. It's like a 2 hour vacation. I promise at some point I process my film, scan it and post it. 

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