Thursday, March 13, 2014

Single Flash Assignment...

Single Flash this past weeks assignment. Had a little direct flash going with the second image and a little bounce flash going with that first image. I had a rough time  getting my brain around this assignment. I practiced a bit at home taking photos of Lindsey, who while slightly annoyed allowed me to snap a few frames with the added annoyance of flash for a bit (photo below).

So I went out into the world of Kansas Cities art district and found Erin Lavin in the frame shop she owns with her Dad. She was great! allowing me to shoot while she worked on framing a painting for a local artist. I also drafted Lindsey to be my VLS (Voice Activated Light Stand). While I realize my technique for the one light set up needs some work (A LOT OF WORK!), I am pretty happy with the way these turned out. Its a building process, right? Maybe for me its a renovating process, deconstructing the little knowledge I have and building from there.

One other thing... After I shot this assignment I dug into my archive and went looking for some strobed out frames. Found this one of my Grandmother at her 90th birthday party a few years back. That lady is still kicking, drives us all crazy but she is on track to make 100.(photo below)


Mema aka Robo-Granny (inside family joke)

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