Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Rain and Mud...

San Antonio Southside's Israel Orihuela along with a pack of tired 5A runners walk, catching their breath, after crossing the finish line covered in mud at the UIL State Championship Saturday. With rain falling all morning, the route at Old Settlers Park was turned into a mud track, some runners slipped and fell, others lost shoes during the meet.

Down here in Central Texas, we have been getting a lot of rain the past few weeks. Along with the rain, came assignments from the San Antonio Express News. These assignments have been keeping me busy and sane, giving me a break from editing other projects and jobs at home.

Derek Tarnow looks over the East Slaughter bridge into the flooded Onion Creek. Tarnow was one of the residents evacuated from his home near the creek in South Austin.

Onion Creek reached record levels Friday during a severe storm that passed over much of central Texas. Onion Creek pushed past its banks, and residents in South Austin living near the creek were evacuated from their neighborhoods.

 After being evacuated from homes near Onion Creek and Bluff Springs in South Austin, residents gathered on the East Slaughter bridge looking over the Onion Creek flood waters Friday as severe storms continued to pass over Central Texas,  

Matt Phillips a construction work from Georgia, part of a work crew building the apartments in Austin, stand on Bluff Springs Rd taking photos and watching the waters from Onion Creek that flooded out many neighborhoods in South Austin, Friday afternoon.

Bandera team mates Sandy Clarkin (left) and Mercy Yermo helped place their team in first place during the Conference 4A run at the State Championship at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock Saturday Morning.

Neva Nix of Bandera pushes took third place during the UIL State Championship Cross Country Meet Saturday at Old Settlers Park in  Round Rock.

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